Teach Continuing Education For Thrive

We are always open to considering new courses to teach agents here at Thrive. If you are an expert in your field and/or have a class you would like to teach, fill out your contact information below and let us know your ideas.

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How to Become a Teacher

Thrive Real Estate Academy is always looking for talented instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with real estate agents.

If you have a course prepared that you teach, or, an idea for a course, you would like to teach please fill out the form and contact us!
To be considered as an instructor with Thrive, you must be highly qualified within your field.

There are a number of real estate related industries real estate agents can learn from. If you are an expert in one of these fields or have experience teaching in that field, you might be a great fit to teach for Thrive. Examples include home inspectors, licensed contractors, architects, engineers, attorneys and more.
There are many benefits to becoming an instructor and teaching continuing education that can benefit you as a profesisonal

First, it's a resume builder. Teaching about what you know make you better at what you do and consumers will see you as more of an expert if you also teach.

Teaching CE also puts you in front of real estate professionals and those agents will be more likely to seek you out when they or their clients need the services you offer as a professional.