Notice to Students

Thrive Real Estate Academy

Notice To Students

Thrive Real Estate Academy is licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission to teach continuing education and post-licensing with a school code of 8158 and a renewal date of 12/31/2026.

Qualifies: This in-class course has a code of 76241 and qualifies for the 25-hour postlicense education requirement for Salespersons that must be completed during the first year of licensure. It also counts as 9 hours of continuing education required for license renewal every four years.

Prerequisites: This course is not a prerequisite for licensure as a community association manager, salesperson, or broker and does not satisfy all or part of the hours required to obtain that license.

Recruiting: No recruiting for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage is allowed in Thrive Real Estate Academy course or on the school premises. Report promptly any effort to recruit on behalf of a brokerage firm by anyone including fellow students to the coordinator/director at 770-604-1860 or 11500 Atlantis Pl, Suite A5 Alpharetta, GA 30022 or the Georgia Real Estate Commission {see Rule 520-2-02(10)}.

Post-Licensing Final Exam: Final exam is a 50 question multiple choice style exam and must be passed with a minimum of 75%, with one retake allowed. The retake cannot be taken on the same day as the original final exam. If a passing score is not achieved on the retake exam, the student must repeat the entire course (at no cost) before taking another final exam.

Reporting: The state requires schools to report course completions within seven to ten days from the course completion date.

Instructional Hours: 1 instructional hour per lesson equal to 50 minutes of teaching and to 10 minutes of questions/answers.

Breaks: A 10 minute break will be provided for every 2 Instructional Hours.